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online event series

I teamed up with Vesta Home Master Designers‘ team as an event curator in order to organise online talks to inspire colleagues, architects, designers, students and anyone interested, share ideas, talk about recent challenges and experiences.

We have a monthly online event with designers from around the world to share, discuss and talk about inspiring topics. 

Click on the link to see more information about the events and the full online discussions.

Meet Stefano Guissani, Lissoni New York - 21. April 2021

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Meet Francesco Librizzi

18. February 2021.

Francesco Librizzi is a multi-awarded milanese architect and designer who established his own studio in 2005, working on high-end interior-, product- and exhibition design projects. He is the Art Director of the historical lighting design company, Fontana Arte since 2017.

He was one of my professor at NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti master program in interior design. For this reason, I felt honored to welcome him as a guest of the event series.

He has really unique thinking about space, furniture, interiors, design and architecture, that you can watch clicking the video in the right.

WordPress based websites

design, hosting and maintenance

I discovered a very exciting new fields for my design skills to build up and design WordPress based websites.

I joined Jan van Kuijk at Nomád Web in order to provide full services to our clients from domain registration, hosting, web-design and maintenance. 

If you would like a website or a webshop for your business or hobby, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or call us:


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