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This is My Selection that includes beautiful and uniquely designed home accessories and contemporary fine art.
Enjoy the search, hope you can find some exciting items that will be fit with your interior and fall in love immediately with.


Abstractive - Landscapes of the Soul

When I met Brigitta Tenkes at the first time, I was amazed by her paintings and hooked by one of them that I thought is featuring the beach or some seaside from above (see in the right). Then she said something totally different about what it was her inspiration. I immediately had the wow-factor and find it a beautiful opportunity to create your own interpretation seeing the paintings.

“The space that surrounds us is basically influencing our feelings, thoughts and well-being. I believe if we are surrounded by unique art pieces and at the same time these are perfectly matching with our own use of the space, our  interior will have a warmer, more welcoming, friendly mood, however it is our home or our working environment. With my paintings this is my aim to reach.” – Brigitta Tenkes
See her website: Abstractive

Please see my FAVORITIES below. If you are interested in any of the paintings, please, contact me.
(Prices are including VAT.)

2033 (30 x 40 cm) 80.000 HUF
201 (40 x 20 cm) 90.000 HUF
2145 (30 x 24 cm) 45.000 HUF
207 (50 x 35 cm) 100.000 HUF
2044 (30 x 24 cm) 45.000 HUF
2020 (60 x 30 cm) 100.000 HUF
2141 (dia 80 cm) 120.000 HUF
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